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First Step Account

Start saving for your children’s future

First Step Account Highlights

Competitive interest rates
Seamless access with a Debit Card
Ability to place standing orders functionality
Linked Debit Card
Safer than cash and cheques
Things you should know
Minors under the age of 21
Account will be opened in minor’s name and operated by legal guardian
Minors above the age of 16 can open the account in their name and operate it provided that they have their own source of income
What people ask
How do I get my IBAN details?

Please click here to generate your IBAN. for any assistance contact your Relationship Manager or call our 24-hour Contact Center at 16555.

How do I block my Debit Card?

You need to contact our 24-hour Contact Center to block your card incase it is lost or stolen. Contact us.

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