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Al Awal Fund

Daily cumulative return fund for liquidity.
This fund is an investment vehicle with daily liquidity that achieves daily cumulative interest on invested capital. The fund manager invests in short-term investment securities such as governmental, corporate, and bank debt instruments, bank deposits, repurchase agreements, and other money market funds certificates.
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Etm’nan Fund

Invest safely with the capital preservation fund.
The Etm’nan Capital Preservation Fund invests primarily in money market instruments and listed equities on the Egyptian stock market It provides equity markets exposure, while managing the risks. The fund aims to preserve your capital.
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Ezdehar Fund

Ezdehar is a balanced fund that invests in sharia-compliant stocks.
The Islamic Sharia-compliant fund seeks long-term capital appreciation by investing in Sharia-compliant Egyptian equities and Islamic money market instruments.
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Modkharaty Fund

A flexible and liquid cash management tool with moderate risk.

This fund is an open-ended Egyptian Pounds denominated mutual fund with daily liquidity investing in short-term money market instruments such as Treasury Bills, bank deposits, and short-term fixed income instruments. Individual and institutional customers can invest in the fund targeting a short-term investment horizon.