Personal Islamic Banking

We offer a range of Sharia-Compliant financial solutions for individuals whether for financing or investing.



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Corporate Islamic Banking

Committed to providing Sharia-Compliant products and services that are tailored to meet our customers’ needs.

islamic design
Personal Islamic Accounts

Guided by Sharia principles, our Islamic banking division offers a wide range of world-class products and services that address our customers’ needs through Islamic financing and investment instruments such as Murabaha, Ijarah, and Mudaraba.

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Islamic Credit Card - Card Component
Islamic Murabaha Card

Our Sharia-Compliant card is designed to meet your day-to-day needs.

  • Access to an extensive network of retail outlets and ATMs, locally and internationally
  • Ability to withdraw cash from any ATM up to 100% of your card limit
  • As a Mastercard holder, enjoy a host of exclusive benefits
Islamic Deposits
Earn more on the long run and plan your future comfortably and conveniently.
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Sharia Supervisory Board

To ensure continuous control and development of our Islamic Banking Services, FABMISR works under one of the most trusted Sharia' supervisory boards.