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FABMISR Corporate Digital Solutions

Managing your corporate account has never been easier 

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Corporate Online Banking

With FABMISR’s online digital solutions, you will now be able to efficiently and in an immaculate way, manage your corporate accounts, whether you want to view your accounts and statements, or conduct transactions locally and internationally, with our wide range of online services.
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Corporate Payment Services

Corporates can seamlessly manage their governmental payments through the Corporate Payment Service (CPS) channel. In addition, FABMISR Corpay enables corporates to process their local bulk payment transactions.

host- to- host solutions with FAB

Host-to-Host Solution

Today’s business environment demands fast and error-free handling of your financial data on a global scale. In order to efficiently process large volumes of payables and receivables, a secure and automated method is provided with FABMISR to seamlessly integrate your ERP system with the bank without the involvement of a third party. 

"Access by FABMISR"

Access by FABMISR

The ultimate online payment gateway that simplifies your business transactions and helps you grow like never before!

With "Access" by FABMISR, all companies, including merchants with presence on social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook. can enroll into the platform and have direct access to a portal which enables monitoring all transactions.