Enjoy flexible and convenient personal loans tailor-made to meet your unique needs
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Start saving now and get a head start to your future
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Discover an exclusive range of privileges with our Credit Cards

The card that enables a world of possibilities.

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Select between our wide range of flexible and simple accounts

Take care of all your transactions in an instant, manage your payments and pay all your bills on time.

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credit cards
FABMISR Credit Cards

Offering you a range of credit cards that suit your needs.
Enjoy our unique features and benefits: 

  • Points, rewards and benefits
  • Easy cash and bill payments
  • Entertainment and lifestyle benefits
  • Travel benefits
  • Contactless payments and card security
Competitive and flexible personal, car and home loans to help you achieve your goals

FABMISR offers you a range of financial solutions to cater to your life stage needs – whether it is a personal loan, car loan or home loan.

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coins and chess pieces representing cumulative deposits

Place your funds in longer-term deposit solutions with flexible interest payout options to suit your needs.

'Bedaya' from FABMISR is a unique suite of insurance programs tailor-made to your unique life stage needs.
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