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FABMISR Global Markets

Offering world-class products through an

integrated cross-asset platform



Being one of the largest banks in the GCC & Middle East, FAB has a special market position as a leading channel for international and regional investors who are interested in the Egyptian local market, a market maker and liquidity provider for the majority of asset classes, and an advisor for its clients on their respective markets.


FABMISR Global Markets team offers industry-leading insights and leverages the strength of our research, capabilities and the latest technology to offer world-class products through an integrated cross-asset platform.

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Foreign Exchange and structured solutions

  • FX Spot
  • FX Forwards
  • FX Options
  • FX Swaps
  • FX Structured Products
  • FX Orders
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Money Markets Rates and structured solutions

  • Fixed deposits ranging from overnight deposits to 1 year
  • Plain vanilla interest rate swaps
  • Structured interest rates derivatives
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Securities and investment

  • Egypt Treasury Bonds
  • Egypt Treasury Bills
  • Egypt Sukuk
  • Egypt Eurobonds
  • Government sovereign bonds

Corporate and Investment Banking

Global Transaction Banking encompasses all areas of expertise and services aimed at facilitating transaction activities locally and globally.