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Further to the Central Bank of Egypt regulations, effective June 30th, 2020, International Bank Account Number “IBAN” will be introduced. Effective said date, all inward and/or outward local and international fund transfers will require “IBAN”  in order to be processed.

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What people ask
What is the “IBAN”?

The International Bank Account Number “IBAN” is a bank account number that is recognized by banks and other financial institutions around the world. It is a standardized way of identifying a bank account, which reduces errors and delays in sending/ receiving international payments. You will need to use an “IBAN” when you make or receive local and international transfers. “IBAN” is an internationally accepted, reliable and accurate account number that facilitates fund transfer with less error.

What are the transactions that require “IBAN”?

Your new “IBAN” pertains to your account with FABMISR, and should be used for all local as well as international incoming / outgoing transfers.

How will this affect my account? Will my existing account number be invalid?

Your existing account number remains valid without any change. The “IBAN” is an alternate electronic format of your account number that will be used only if you are making or receiving any local or international transfers.

Does the “IBAN” replace my account number?

No, it is simply an additional standardized international identifier for your account.

How do I get my IBAN details?

Please click here to generate your IBAN. for any assistance contact your Relationship Manager or call our 24-hour Contact Center at 16555.

Why “IBAN”?

“IBAN” is an internationally accepted, reliable and accurate account number that facilitates funds transfer with less cost and reduced errors.

What is the IBAN format?

IBANs are different in length, depending on the country of origin. This is because an “IBAN” simply adds a standard prefix to a person's domestic account number (also known as a basic bank account number BBAN). The basic bank account number varies in length depending on the country it comes from. The structure in Egypt is set to be 29 Digits.

  • The country code (2 letters)
  • The check number (2 numbers) that changes from one account to another 
  • The bank code (number of characters varies)
  • The account number

  • Example for "IBAN" number in Egypt: EG82 1234 5678 4321 8765 1432 5768 3
    Is “IBAN” required to make a payment for credit card by transfer from another bank? (For personal banking clients only)

    “IBAN” is not required for credit card payments.

    If I change my account-holding branch, does this affect my “IBAN”? (For personal banking clients only)

    Yes, your “IBAN” will change accordingly. This is due to the fact that the IBAN structure has the branch code embedded in it.