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FABMISR Insurance

'Bedaya' Insurance Program helps you plan

for your future giving you peace of mind

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‘Bedaya’ for Retirement

Retirement can actually become your golden years if you plan it right.
Whatever your delayed dreams or future ambitions are, you can plan ahead from now based on your financial goals and capabilities with ‘Bedaya’ for Retirement.

‘Bedaya’ for Education

Have you ever wondered what is the cost of your children’s education?
Distinguished university education allows your children to have a career full of opportunities. Now, you can actually give them the right start by financially planning their future.

‘Bedaya’ for Marriage

Every parent’s dream is to see their children’s wedding, while helping them settle in their new life. 
‘Bedaya’ for Marriage will help you financially plan their big day, according to your financial and investment goals.
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‘Bedaya’ Elite

More choices. Greater flexibility.
‘Bedaya’ Elite enables you to achieve your future goals with the possibility of customizing your own policy plan to suit your different needs and financial ambitions.
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‘Bedaya’ for Security

Worried about the future and anxious for the well-being of your family in case of death?
Now with ‘Bedaya’ for Security, you can secure the needed financial protection for your loved ones and find your peace of mind.
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JET Policy

Protect yourself with accident and disability insurance cover.
Give yourself and your family peace of mind that you will be properly secured against any accident that may result in serious injury, disability or death.
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Supplementary health insurance for you and your family.
The Surgi-Care program offers you and your family easy access to inpatient surgical treatments which you may need.