Fraud and Security

Fraud and Security

At FABMISR, protecting our customers from fraud is a key priority and we take pride in our stellar record of doing so.

We are always working to keep you safe by adopting global best practices in all we do. Rest assured that as our digital channels become more prevalent, they are matched in levels of security.

ATM security tips
Always use ATMs, where all time security guard and camera surveillance are available.
Look for signs of tampering the ATM such as pieces of plastic not in place, or a piece with unmatched color. If found, please do not use the ATM and call 16555 from inside Egypt or +202-21600110 from outside Egypt.

Credit / Debit card security tips
If your card is lost or stolen; please contact our 24-hour FABMISR Contact Center on 16555 from inside Egypt or +202-21600110 from outside Egypt immediately.
To avoid any fraudulent transactions and to protect your data, do not respond to unsolicited SMS/calls that request personal information such as your National ID number, your banking card number, the printed number on the back of your card, ATM PIN, online/telephone banking username or passwords, credit card numbers etc.
Use a complex PIN that cannot be predicted.

Mobile Security tips
Use the official FABMISR mobile banking app downloaded from Google play store for Android and Apple play store for Apple.
Avoid using mobile banking over a public Wi-Fi /hotspot network.

Secure computer tips
Always use licensed software from trusted source.
Update your computer with latest updated security programs for your operating system, browser and email
Use an updated anti-virus, anti-spyware and personal firewalls. Keep the antivirus updated.
It is recommended to install a trusted and reputed ad blocker plug-in for your browser. An ad blocker prevents the ad related malware from being displayed in your browser.

Secure online shopping tips
Shop/make payments through reputed websites.
Never click on links in emails. Always type the URL in the address bar of the browser.
Do not enter your confidential account information such as credit card numbers, expiry date, CVV values, etc. in any pop-up windows.
Do not click on links in emails to visit online shopping sites.

Password Security tips
Do not use personal information like your name, date of birth, National ID, etc. as your passwords.
Do not use sequences of letters or numbers E.g.: abcd1234.
Use a complex password consisting of upper and lower case alphanumeric characters and special characters.
Do not send your password or PIN to anyone via email or text message.
Change your PIN/passwords at regular intervals.
If you suspect that someone knows your PIN/Password, change it immediately.
Ensure your web browser is configured not to remember your banking passwords.

Anti-Phishing Awareness tips
Do not share any personal information to an unsolicited caller or solicitor.
FABMISR will never ask for your account numbers, password or access code. If you receive a call, text or email, or someone comes to your home asking for this information, please do not share.
Scammers may impersonate as government officials, law enforcement or even FABMISR employees to steal your personal information. Always validate a person’s organization by calling them back on an official phone number.
Scammers generally demand immediate responses and payment. If you feel threatened, always ask us for help.
Do not reveal too much personal information in social media and always restrict connecting with strange or suspicious individuals.
Do not respond to emails/messages from unknown suspicious sources.
Do not open attachments or click on hyperlinks from unknown sources.

Secure internet banking tips
You should perform due-diligence related to security controls of your IT /Mobile systems and ensure a secure computer/device is in use to use FABMISR banking services. You should periodically check your computer systems/mobile devices to ensure appropriate security controls are in place.
Always access your internet banking through
Verify the authenticity of the internet banking webpage by checking its URL and PAD lock symbol.
Avoid using internet banking on open or public Wi-Fi.
Do not use the same password for FABMISR online banking that you use on other internet sites.
Do not disclose your customer number and PIN/Password to anyone even if the requester mentions that he/she is a FABMISR employee. FABMISR employees will never ask for any password, OTP or PIN for any banking service.
Change your PIN immediately when received, memorize it and never write it down.
Do not directly close the browser. Always logout from the internet banking window.
You should contact our 24-hour FABMISR Contact Center on 16555 from inside Egypt or +2 02 24075360 from outside Egypt if you have any suspicions.