Discover, Empower, and Enable Emerging Talents in Egypt and the Region

Introducing Our Partnership with Project NXT
Empowering Talents and the Creative Industry




FABMISR new partnership with Project NXT, a groundbreaking digital ecosystem dedicated to supporting and nurturing emerging talents in Egypt and the region. This collaboration signifies our ongoing commitment to fostering the growth of young talents and the cultural and creative industries.

Project NXT is an integrated ecosystem that aims to bridge the gap between emerging talents and the larger entertainment industry by democratizing opportunities to learn from distinguished industry experts, connect with the region's top-tier production firms, and get acknowledged and awarded through on-going competitions, all under the auspices of the esteemed superstar, Youssra, who chairs the platform as its honorary president.

  • We invite you to delve into the limitless possibilities our partnership with Project NXT brings. Through this collaboration, we aim to establish a comprehensive ecosystem that cultivates the development of the cultural and artistic scene in Egypt and the region. By providing aspiring talents with the necessary tools, knowledge, and support, we empower them to transform their passions into tangible achievements.
  • Project NXT is paving the way for aspiring talents to embark on their journey towards success. To learn more visit website Project NXT. Explore the platform, discover the success stories, and witness the transformative power of this innovative program firsthand